Remote Monitoring

At Spacewise we understand the the importance of the integrity of the products being stored within our cold storage containers is of great importance to our clients, and this is why our cold storage containers are fitted with a remote monitoring system which will alert our client via email or SMS in the event of any issues concerning the internal temperature of the container.

Once the sold storage container has been loaded and the cooling process has commenced we understand that our client may not be able to make regular checks on the load for a certain period of time. The remote monitoring system can give our clients total peace of mind, knowing exactly what is going on within the container and feeling assured that should anything go wrong the remote monitoring system will be able to identify this and alert both the client and Spacewise of the issue so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible, ensuring the integrity of the products being stored inside the container are maintained. Also you have to visit our partners site:

This complex information system works as an effective surveillance and temperature monitoring system using wireless technology integrated within the shipping container itself. There are two temperature sensors and a door sensor fitted within the container, any sudden increase or decrease in the internal temperature of the container or Brahmin handbags outlet online if the door has been opened and this will be communicated directly to Spacewise who will then alert you of any issues.

It is this type of high tech monitoring system which allows the people at Spacewise to build a strong relationship and trust with our clients, ensuring that every possible effort is made to ensure the integrity of the load at all times, wherever the container may be. ??N?Ni????Ni???????? ???i???i?????? ????.???i??Ni??

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